It's that time of year agian for the Early Bird Tournament what will be held on April 22nd starting at 10:00am. There will be a $200.00 entry fee. Please contact Larry at 315-532-0936 or Shawn at 315-806-5942 with any questions or to register a team. Thank you 

This year season will start on Monday May 1st. Registration starts on Monday February 27th, and will end on April 21st. You can pick up registration papers at the City of Fulton Clerk's office located at 141 S. 1st st.

This year's divisions are as follows;


Men's upper and lower E


Men's D


Women's B & C


Men's Double Header Night


Men's upper and lower C

All fees are the same EXCEPT, we will go back to charging team's a flat $150 for the users fee.

Entry Fee $220

ASA Fee $25

Forfeit Fee $50

User Fee $150

Total $445